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                           Beginner set for plate zapping




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                                  Varizapper and carbon hand held not included.

                               Includes plates, cables, 26 bottle copies, 40 empty

                          bottle copies for drops,2 aluminum shield for homgraphy,

                    4 unit IC set, program driver homographic copying, include cable.  

                                        These two sets are a good start.

                     Choice of 1 of the 2 set, 26 vials included with the beginner set.




                                       Basic Anatomy Set                                    Beginner Set


        The basic anatomy kit is a combined list of the anatomy kit suggested in the "Prevention for all Cancers”(2004) book p92-93, and the “Syncrometer Laboratory Manual” (2001) p168-169. The kit excludes all epithelial & genital organs (available separately).

This Beginner's Kit is a combination of the basic lists provided by Dr Hulda Clark in her "Prevention for all Cancers”(2004) book p84-104 and 105-123. The kit contains the basic 20 bottles required for producing homeographic drops and the 6 essential bottles required for plate zapping.