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7.9Hz - Stimulates the Healing Of ligaments
13.5Hz - Stimulates The Healing Of Muscles
15Hz - Normalize Blood Pressure, Stimulate Increased Lymph System Circulation, Stabilization Of Emotional States, Clearing of Emotional Trauma / Energy Blocks, Reduce swelling of herneated disc (25.4 Hz, 324 Hz, 15 Hz)
15.2Hz - Stimulates the healing of Capillaries
17Hz - Stimulate Increased Blood Flow / Circulation
24.3Hz - Reduce Excess Fluid Retention in Joints & Tissues
35Hz - Stimulate Clarity of Thought / Mental Function
326Hz - Reduce General Back Pain (Fibromyalgia)
328Hz - Stimulate the Normalization of Calcium Metabolism
337Hz - Stimulate Normalized Blood Circulation
440Hz - Reduce Chemical Sensitivity
537Hz - Normalize Endocrine System Function
625Hz - Stimulate Normal Kidney Function
635Hz - Normalize Pituitary Function, Stimulate Normal Colon Function
637Hz - Stimulate the Reinforcement of RNA Integrity
645Hz - Stimulate Increased HGH Production [Pituitary]
654Hz - Stimulate Normal Pancreas Function
657Hz - Reduce Electrical Sensitivity
662Hz - Stimulate Normal Pineal Function
676Hz - Stimulate Normal Lymph System Function
696Hz - Stimulate Normal Heart Function
751Hz - Stimulate Normal Liver Function
763Hz - Stimulate Normal Thyroid Function
764Hz - Stimulate Normal Nervous System Function
835Hz - Stimulate / Normalize Immune System Function
1,335Hz - Normalize Adrenal Function
1,434Hz - Normalize White Blood Cell Production
1,524Hz - Normalize Red Blood Cell Production
1,565Hz - Stimulate The Balancing Of Spiritual Well-Being